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MORTINFERNUM (eng) + FREE dedication in color !!!!!!!


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Hard cover artbook 80 pages

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The book has several chapters and contains over 96 pages of material...

Horrific Masterpieces
We 'zombified' 20 classical paintings from painters like Michelangelo, Munch, Goya, Da Vinci, Carravaggio, etc...

Nothing is What it Seems...
This chapter contains 11 penciled drawings of couples where the partner is not exactly what they seem to be. The drawings show their real face, a reflection of what's on the inside.

The graveyard Shift
An awesome short story (8 pages) by Aain Poncelet.

Dead Beauties
10 deadly impressions by Alain Poncelet.

Dead Man Walking
A short story by Patrick Cornelis (7 pages)

What do you think a zombie sees when he roams the apocalyptic streets? Join in and find out in this 5-page short story.

Little Bloodred Riding Hood
A short story by Alain Poncelet (5 pages)
Little Riding Hood... like you have never seen it before.

Diary of a Mad Scientist
We uncovered an ancient log (10 pages) by the scientist that investigated the first zombie plague ever. We get a clear inside view of his horrific methodology in order to discover what makes these undead creatures tick, and to devise a way to kill them. Shiver as you read about his cruel and inhumane methods... But in the end... he did get the job done.


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MORTINFERNUM (eng) + FREE dedication in color !!!!!!!

MORTINFERNUM (eng) + FREE dedication in color !!!!!!!

Hard cover artbook 80 pages