Virus: Absolute macht (NL)


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comic book Soft cover - 96 pages

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The story starts off with a dramatic opening sequence with a full-scale zombie attack directed at a cabin in the woods.Later on, the reader will discover that the attack is directly aimed at the main character, Will akaWarlock.
The people in the cabin are trying to fend off the zombies, but there are too many of them. When things appear to go very bad, a man (who will later prove to be Warlock) steps through the door and pushes the zombies away with an invisible sphere but he is to weak and we leave the scene when the sphere is about to collapse.
After this opening sequence we jump three months back in time. Along the way we get flashbacks of what happened one hundred years ago in the same village. In the present day, there is an annual folklore, the ‘zombie fest’, in the town where the zombie outbreak first happened, to remember the event. The main character, Will, and his son are passing the village during this annual ‘zombie fest’.
But Will is at the wrong place at the wrong time. On this particular day, the trapped entity is finally able to reach into the mind of one of the village’s


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Virus: Absolute macht (NL)

Virus: Absolute macht (NL)

comic book Soft cover - 96 pages